Wednesday, February 22, 2012

life till now. In a nutshell

I'm 26. I am So happy with my life experience thus far and look forward to so much more joy and Happiness and Good lessons that come from hard times.
I am grateful I was born into My parents family. That i was the youngest Girl. I had a VERY loving upbringing and my parents raised me without me hearing them have ONE fight. I love That my parents raised me in the LDS Faith. That Because they were taught the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and were Baptized I was fortunate to grow up with the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. That Families Can be together Forever. That God hears and answers my Prayers and i will never be alone on this earth no matter how alone i may feel. I am happy to have had my heart broken before i met Ben. I learned So much about the person i wanted and needed to be. I became ready to meet and fall in Love with him because of those experiences. I love how I met Ben. I love that I married My wonderful Husband after 2 years of Dating. I love that Ben and I never rushed into "The Good Life". I love that we shared a Car for 4 years. It was Horrible looking Back but we laugh at how crazy it was with our schedules. I love that we waited 5 years before WE decided to Have our Perfect Baby Boy. I am So happy Being a Mom and find it surreal and Magical when i see him. He is a Beautiful Spirit and i love to Ponder that.
.....I know there is SO much more in store for me and i'm excited

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Drive

I got in the car at 6:30am to start on my 2 1/2 hour drive to Vernal Utah with just me, myself and I. The drive was absolutely beautiful! driving through open country, singing to Chris Merritt( if you don't know him...get to)and taylor swift, watching the sun come up, the snow on the ground was sparkling even. Does your mind start to wonder when your by yourself for a long time!? I can't imagine being on an island by myself for very long. I know i would be the one to go totally banana nuts and most likely never recover if I was I would recover.
Well, that's basically what happened to me on my way home that night. I was really sleepy (drowsy driving basically) I had a thought ..'I wonder if this is going to be one of those nights where when I get home I don't know how I got there.' thinking like that is never good! Haha
My Daytime experience was fab though! I was with my best bud, getting her first ultrasound and seeing her see Her babies heartbeat for the first time. (It was so sweet) we made THE best cheesecake in the WORLD, watched The Vow and the Bachelor and it was So. much. fun! I did however guzzle a lot of Diet cola during the day to stay cognitive so by the time I left for home, if I were to have had more caffeine to stay awake I might have exploded. Thus, the sleepiness.
so I thought a lot. A lot. I thought of how I Love that people have candy bars at their weddings! Whoever thought of that was so cool. I also thought it would be awesome to open a candy drive thru, and calling it Candy Cane Lane...not me per say, but someone. the ideas were endless.
I did eventually make it home and I remembered how I got there.

Side Note: I'm making burritos right now using wheat tortillas. They brake when I roll them and I hate um.