Sunday, September 6, 2009

Great weekend

To start it all off....
I had a really funny interview with a hypnotist, to be his recept
ionist. He let me know if I worked there I would learn a new language. He pulled a note card with a sentence on it. "I need to lose 35 pounds" he continued to ask me what the note card said. I continued to say " I need to lose 35 pounds?"(a few times) I was just cracking up inside! I didn't know what he wanted me to say? Then he told me the card said "I want to be fit and healthy". They were just speaking in the wrong language, so was I apparently? This lasted about 45 min. Our conversation consisted of just really weird, funny things that had nothing to do with the job? When I left he came outside with me and started riding this huge old fashioned bike. You know, the one with the BIG wheel and one small wheel. Just riding and ringing his little bell on the bike. It was so bazaar? But I would say great interview! funny.

Then, my brother Ron called and told me I can't come for thanksgiving anymore? real nice right!? He said we can't come because we need to go to his wedding in December instead!!! We are so happy for him. Its a good day when you know your brother found that person who makes him so happy he can't live without her. Although I've never met her, I know she's happy and crazy about Ron. They love each other and Thats all I need to know. Welcome to the family Liz!

Then, BYU's first game of the season!! What a game! We played
Oklahoma in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium and everyone thought we would lose (including BYU fans). But we came out pumped and stomped them! Ben was so nerves, he missed half the game thinking it would be bad luck if he watched. It was baby Emmy's first game and she looked so cute!!!! BYU-14 Oklahoma-13.

Today, Emersyn was blessed. It was so wonderful and sweet. We all love her so much!! It has been a great weekend.