Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gabe turned One and I Love Him

Gabe is One. 
He talks.
He walks.
He Runs!
He loves sports.
He LOVES Balls. 
He loves Veggie Tales LIVE concert....
Loves to hear and watch people sing.
He loves to play with musical interments and is really gentle with them.
He Loves to play scare and be startled. 
He loves dirt and being outside.
 He LOVES animals and wants them all to lick his pointer finger.
He Loves playing in the water. 
He Loves Elmo.
He loves Books.
He loves Soft fuzzy blankets and stuffed animals.

 Gabriel is so Happy and sweet, determined, athletic and smart. He Laughs a LOT and when he's not laughing for real we get to enjoy is Fake laugh which he does when we (Benny and Myself or..anyone) are laughing.  He just started to hug and kiss me a lot and He saw Benny looking sad the other day and went over and gave him a kiss on the lips.
He really likes to figure things out. How they work, and how they go together. How to they go on and off. His face gets really stern looking and you can see he is in deep thought about it. He will try and try to do something till it happens (either from him or us helping).
He started to take his first steps at 9Months and couldn't get it to work because he wanted to go too fast.  As soon as he started to walk, he was running. He has really good reflexes and if it looks like he is about to run into the corner of the table or wall (you know just when we are starting to freak out) he quickly moves his body out of the way or drops his body down on the floor so he will miss the painful hit. He really likes to fake people out and act like he is handing them something. He walks over, holding out the toy or whatever and just when it's within their reach he pulls his arm back really quick and runs away snickering. He is such a funny little guy!
He is a talker too. Always trying to say new words and phrases:
Mama, Daddy, pop pop, Jake, Isaac, Emmy, wolverine, Elmo, horse, Piano, book, t-rex, Dinosaur, octopus, crab, bear, owl, duck, Aflac (like the insurance. we have a toy duck that says it...), goat, spoon, num num, milk, bottle, water, cheeto, POP, Hat, truck, rock, dirt, flower, big ball, Oh Yeah, No No, All Done, there ya go, i love you, balloon, happy, hi, Ta Ta and bye bye, turtle, elbow, knee, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, hair, mouth, teeth, belly button, boo, bop, pee pee, poop, bee, off, hot, basketball, uh oh, pillow and Cool Dude!

I may be bias because I'm his super loving Mama but, i know he is amazing. I love him so, so, so much! He makes everyone happy wherever we go, but especially us. I can't express how amazing it is to be his Mom, to know I Helped make this little sweet man. To know my actions shape him. To know he will always be my Gaby Baby guy Forever.