Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quilting is not for Sissy's

What is Quilt retreat?

I was married into this, not born.
Cousins off the Spencer branch (my Mom-in-law's Family) wait and wait till they are 18. This is when their lives will never be the same again. This is when they can come to quilt retreat. It's a no sleep, laugh at nothing, chocolate coma, sew till you cry and then sew some more, Diet coke, quilting training camp!
Everyone here LOVES the family craft and is Amazing at it!!!
....I'm getting use to it.

The Family

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whach you talkin

From the moment i met Ben,everything just clicked. Our relationship has been full of loves hugs and lots of snugs. We see eye to eye on the important things in life and try and find a middle ground on things we don't BUT.....there is 1 thing we will NEVER agree on.
It all started at Denny's restaurant. We use to go there after dances, eat breakfast and talk for HOURS about who knows what. We were way to sleepy to probably remember. I don't know if I said it first or he did but this one word has been the cause if THE longest lasting argument of our relationship!
He says WHY do you say it that way?! I say WHY do YOU say it the way you say it!
HE pronounces warm like arm...wArm. I pronounce warm. Like born.....warm. Like an "o" instead of like a capital "A"
To THIS day, 7 years later if we get on the topic we will each spend 15 minutes ( lets get real, 15 seconds) trying to teach the other one how to say it correctly and at the end of it wanting to strangle each other ( slightly exaggerated)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It was just, Nice.

This one time, when Ben and I were first dating, we were driving around pretty parts of San Diego and I was telling Ben how I had been craving a chocolate pie blah blah our conversation was about pies and how good they are! He ended up surprising me and took me to Marie calendars for some yumm pie. I joyfully ordered a slice and then when the waitress asked what he wanted he said "I'm good". I knew he wanted pie? "wait why aren't you getting pie?" He just said "well I knew you wanted some pie but I can't have any because I'm fasting". First i loved that he was so sweet to take me there and second i thought it was so sweet he was fasting during the week. I don't remember how it all happened but I still ate the chocolate pie in front of him!?
( he must of made me do it because that just sounds so mean).
I fell in love a little bit that night.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Starts with a T

A little over 2 years ago some of my friendly coworkers told me to read this Amaaazing book. I was like guys.. I don't read books! For example, Ann of Green Gables. I read the book, took me like a week. I watched the movie took like 3 1/2 hours and is was EXACTLY like the book. Anyway, they just kept talking about how great it was and on an on... Okay guys, what is this book about? Well, Vampires and werwolf's and ( it sounded ridiculous!) They had the book, I took it home, and that's how I read TWILIGHT.

I'm not a twilight freak.....but I am a fan. I read the books, all of them, in a timely manner. I was sucked in by the crazy love triangle, great writing and my imAAAginAAAtiOOOOn! and pretty quickly i was one of those weird girls, gushing about it.

So when the movie was coming out, all of us girls at work decided to go opening night and wait in line. Me and one other girl Sariah decided to take the first shift waiting in ( the freezing outside) line. We were like strangers but by the end of our shift, best friends. We watched the horribly made movie and laughed our heads off! That's one case where I didn't regret reading the books instead of just watching the movies.

The next movie is out on the 18th and I can't wait. I watch them (certainly not because they are great) but because I have so much fun with the people I'm with. I loved the books AND the movies, but for very different reasons.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bet you didn't think of that!

Whenever I go on Vacation with Ben I usually... get the giggles, relax and have
DEEP Conversations about things I normally don't think about.
Here is a sample of some of that:

*Ben is the only one for me