Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Diaper Genie

Gabe wears diapers. 
So it was odd when i picked him up to sit on my lap and saw just this....
(a Bare Tush!) 
"Gabe! where is your dipper!!!!??" L.O.L!!
we actually Had NO idea? We looked around the house even. low and behold it was here.....
(for how long, we didn't know :)

We were laughing so Hard! Apparently, the diaper's Velcro detached and he just walked the dipper down to his ankle. haha
It was a great Day to be a Mama

*side note...Finally got Gabes ONE tooth Picture.
I REALLY Love him 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A great Day

Sariah is Pregnant. She happens to be my greatest friend and As soon as i saw the commercial for the new movie "What to Expect when you're Expecting" I was like GIRL! (I started to say 'GIRL' to be funny/annoying and now i just say it out of bad habit) We have GOT to see this together When it comes out. So...3 weeks later Her and her hubbs came into town and we made a day out of it! Zoo With the Gabes in the Morning. Car show. Dinner. Then THE movie :)
It was really cute to see Gabe see all these animals for the first time. He really loved the little tiny monkey's  jumping around all over the place and He seemed to love the giraffes too (inherited from me).  he especially loved kids walking by, fences and trees. Such. A cutie pie

Maximum relaxum

His thing right now is Pointing. He loves pointing!

By the end of our Zoo day he was like "Sitting in strollers are for Babies!"
He stroller surfed the last half hour we were there 

The immediately caught his eye. The elephant light up sword!
Must have

Gabe, Me, Sariah

 I think when i go to these and see these sweet old vehicles, I imagine myself living in that time. haha I'm a little bit of a loser that way.

Batman? Not old but awesome!

This was actually My FAVORITE!!!! I love love love it!!
ah... tear. look at that yellow!
(Sariah, the perfect little car Model)

I just had Niel Diamond's Voice in my head looking at this...

and then
 there was THIS car. Haha
What the heck were they thinking?? 

Texas Road house is not a Sariah and Katie original, But since the Men were with us we decided to give them a break form our usual girlie Olive Garden. Think, they appreciated it.

As for the MOVIE... 
My Husband was wining all weekend about seeing it. How Horrible it was going to be, could we just see something else.. blah blah. Lucky for him, I made him suck it up and go. 
And..thank goodness, the Movie delivered. 
WE were all Laughing so hard and thinking about our babies. It was a really great flick, and i shall be watching it again.
We ALL including Ben, really liked it! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

10+ Months


Up to 14 steps now. He usually gets too excited once he knows how good he's doing and flexes his body with joy, then falls...

...and Talking

Dad...Dad or Dada
I love you...I owuuu
Cool dude... doo dood

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So, When Zumba Tuesday comes around I'm always thinking How i really need to eat extra healthy, just drink water for my drinks and then maybe i will be absolutely amazing for the fun, kick my butt evening. (as if it makes up for all the days in-between ha) I really tried....
                                                  Lunch. Good start Katie!

A light Snack.  Then another Light snack and then i thought, These delicious cookies should really be out of my house on Tuesdays!!
                                                   Zumba time! our Before workout. (We look like we hate our lives) haha

                                    look at how Zumba makes you so extremely happy! 
I just look this way do to my lack of healthy eating. I really love my Zumba Tuesdays