Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wedding

The Big wedding weekend came and went. By Brother in Law and new Bride looked so cute and happy! The Draper Temple was so Beautiful and it was such a delight to watch the sweet ceremony take place. I had the most tearful seat I think, facing the emotional Bride. haha I can usually hold it together pretty well but when I saw her like she was....ahhhi lost it. :) We had a great time with family though and I wish I had more pictures but my camera Died.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I feel like such a Loser when I post something with no pictures but I just feel so great today I thought I would blog it out.
The other day this cute girl came into the bakery like she does often. We got to talking and I found out she works at Cafe Rio!! We did a little trade and I ended up with free Rio Today yiippy.
Working at the Bakery is so great. It's really fun meeting a Mix of people and being able to get into their lives. There was this one guy Mid- late 30's I was with him through his divorce with 3 young boys. to dating. To missing his wife he realized he loved so mush. To re- proposing to his Wife which ended with a sweet ceremony at their house with his cute kids. I loved that ending! Their was a girl who used to come in with her boyfriend and get coffee. Gaged ears, Lots of piercing, crazy hair but SO nice. I watched her transform. She started to come in, get coffee and read the Book of Mormon, Then loosed a few piercings, changed the hair color, and before too long she seemed clean! She still comes in and I am always so happy to see her! Now I don't know if she got baptised, became active again, or just got happy and it had nothing to do with the church. But to see her now, I always feel really happy. like I got to be involved in that part of her life.. a little at least. Then Their are my ol couples. I love them so much!!! They usually come in after working at the Temple every Wed. night. They order the same thing and always try to talk me into getting HD TV. haha We talk about life a lot though and I'm happy to know them.
In short, I love my job because of the people! The people I work with and the people I get to meet.
I also got tan today :)