Monday, September 27, 2010


Knowing we were being picked up at the crack of dawn Thursday Morning by family( Seth Schuyler, Erin and Emmy) the Trip started with us packing frantically late Wednesday night. Where ALL of our clothes were, I don't know?I was going through all of our laundry and could not find shorts, my undershirt tank tops and I could not remember how 85* felt in San Diego compared to 85* in Utah. Is it a lot hotter? More humid? Should I wear jeans to Disneyland?!!! By One in the morning we were packed and sound asleep, by Five thirty we were in the car and by six in the evening we were in San Diego.We stayed with Erin's Mom who made us the BEST Chinese dinner that night for us.
The White rice was like the best white rice I had ever had!? I don't know how she did it? (Thank you for being Asian)
In the Morning there was a buzz in the house due to 'Disney Fever' I think and we made it to the park right when it opened!
It was so cute there with the streets all dressed up in Halloween, The Evil Disney Characters out and about and the Haunted Manson looking ever so creepy. Thanks to Fast Pass we went on everything we wanted and then some. Peter Pan was the ONLY one we wanted to go on but didn't get to. It was the last 40 min. of the park being open and the line was still long but we thought we just need this ride!!! We were in line, our feet Killing us and so tired everything said was a joke. Tens of minutes went by in this herd of a line, almost to the end when we hear a woman's voice on the intercom saying someone had an emergency at the exit and they could NOT allow the ride to go any longer that night. It was sad and painful but we managed to press forward! We booked it to Alice and then made the tea cups one last time.
Our last day in San Diego was filled with Corvette Diner, Old Town and Balboa Park.
Back in the car by Nine in the morning and home to Utah by Eight.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ben = Football

So life Is going really great right now! I have just gotten a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders because I just finished " The Hunger Games" Book series. It was so great in a horrible way. I couldn't stop reading them due to cleaver characters and unexpected story twists and, it tormented me. Now that that is over I can relax... and prepare myself for Football season. I don't know what I'm saying though, for some people football season just started., but for me (Being married to Ben) I have been in football season since Practice started.He went to all the open practices and then some. That man is on a 'Needs to know'!! I turn on the t.v., It's on ESPN. Ben's on the computer, it's Cougar Board. Ben's on his phone, talking to someone about playing football together or what is new with BYU "Going Independent" etc. etc. . Ben is so happy though and that makes me so happy!