Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BabY TaLk

Thub Thub. Thub Thub. The best sound I have EVER heard. I am now 12 weeks with baby and today was the first day of REAL proof that our little guy is in there! All I could think of was I can't believe I have a baby in there!!!! I'm so lucky!!! I'm so happy! So I started to laugh and it turned into a crying /laughing mess.

Me being Pregnant is all I have wanted to talk about since I found out!! So I'll catch you up on what's been going on!

I found out I was pregnant 20 min. before Ben got home from work so I rushed around screaming with joy, drove to the store, got a baby balloon and in lipstick wrote on our bathroom mirror "This means we are gonna have a baby!" He came home and I coaxed him into "picking up dirty clothes" out of the bathroom. When He saw it, it was so great because we got to freak out together.

I eat and eat and eat.

I was a walking zombie for the first 10 weeks
(I'm ok though now)

Ben and I don't like the same names. That will be tricky haha

I learned that my forgetfulness was partially from being pregnant. That made me feel so much better about myself. "Were did I put my phone Ben?""Ben do you have my wallet?"" Ben do you know where I put my glasses?" " Benny did I eat dinner tonight or was that yesterday?" Thank goodness for my sweet Husband, he does not seem to mind.....much

I don't sleep like a normal person anymore. I get up like 3 or 4 times a night to eat or go to the restroom!!

Prenatal Vitamins Make me sick. So I just take them at night and sleep through the yuck feeling.

I think I want to have a Girl, but it's not official yet

I heard pregnant women turn into "crazy pregnant ladies". That has not happened to me yet.

I have random People (usually guys) telling me I should do the birth at home, go herbal, all that. That their wives did it and it's the best. Thanks but no thanks. I Like clean Hospitals and drugs.

Ben and I seem to be the only ones who notice my belly IS getting a little bigger. So fun.

I feel more close to Ben and more In love with him Than I EVER have! He is truly my Best Friend. My second Half. and I dream that our kids will look like him and smell like him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleep Is GoOd!

Monday is my day off. Well off of work, not off from life and home type work. Tuesday my work week begins and it doesn't seem to stop. I'm soooooo sleepy and every time I think I can come home and take a nap, I can't. I know I am no where near the most busy person. I don't go to school AND work like so many ladies I know. I don't work AND have kids. I am a regular person who just works and has house work to do, then is spare time throws in some Visiting Teaching. This is not a hard life but it makes me soooooo tired. I give MAJOR kudos to all the Women out there who can hold it down! Who do all the things I listed and more!!! To you, you are my Heros. God be with you till we meet again. (If you can't tell I'm half asleep right now)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Knowing we were being picked up at the crack of dawn Thursday Morning by family( Seth Schuyler, Erin and Emmy) the Trip started with us packing frantically late Wednesday night. Where ALL of our clothes were, I don't know?I was going through all of our laundry and could not find shorts, my undershirt tank tops and I could not remember how 85* felt in San Diego compared to 85* in Utah. Is it a lot hotter? More humid? Should I wear jeans to Disneyland?!!! By One in the morning we were packed and sound asleep, by Five thirty we were in the car and by six in the evening we were in San Diego.We stayed with Erin's Mom who made us the BEST Chinese dinner that night for us.
The White rice was like the best white rice I had ever had!? I don't know how she did it? (Thank you for being Asian)
In the Morning there was a buzz in the house due to 'Disney Fever' I think and we made it to the park right when it opened!
It was so cute there with the streets all dressed up in Halloween, The Evil Disney Characters out and about and the Haunted Manson looking ever so creepy. Thanks to Fast Pass we went on everything we wanted and then some. Peter Pan was the ONLY one we wanted to go on but didn't get to. It was the last 40 min. of the park being open and the line was still long but we thought we just need this ride!!! We were in line, our feet Killing us and so tired everything said was a joke. Tens of minutes went by in this herd of a line, almost to the end when we hear a woman's voice on the intercom saying someone had an emergency at the exit and they could NOT allow the ride to go any longer that night. It was sad and painful but we managed to press forward! We booked it to Alice and then made the tea cups one last time.
Our last day in San Diego was filled with Corvette Diner, Old Town and Balboa Park.
Back in the car by Nine in the morning and home to Utah by Eight.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ben = Football

So life Is going really great right now! I have just gotten a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders because I just finished " The Hunger Games" Book series. It was so great in a horrible way. I couldn't stop reading them due to cleaver characters and unexpected story twists and, it tormented me. Now that that is over I can relax... and prepare myself for Football season. I don't know what I'm saying though, for some people football season just started., but for me (Being married to Ben) I have been in football season since Practice started.He went to all the open practices and then some. That man is on a 'Needs to know'!! I turn on the t.v., It's on ESPN. Ben's on the computer, it's Cougar Board. Ben's on his phone, talking to someone about playing football together or what is new with BYU "Going Independent" etc. etc. . Ben is so happy though and that makes me so happy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vegas Vacation

Our 4 year mark is on the 7th and We thought we needed to get away a little. Vegas was Really fun but really Dirty. haha. We loved getting a Hotel off the strip away from all the hookers and smoke and being in the warm sun by the pool all day. We went to the strip at night and saw all the Free shows and on our second night, went to A dinner show " tournament of KINGs" It was so so great! I love my Husband so much! He makes my life worth everything. Here are a few pics from our trip. We also saw Eclipse for all you twilight fans out there. It was so great!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wedding

The Big wedding weekend came and went. By Brother in Law and new Bride looked so cute and happy! The Draper Temple was so Beautiful and it was such a delight to watch the sweet ceremony take place. I had the most tearful seat I think, facing the emotional Bride. haha I can usually hold it together pretty well but when I saw her like she was....ahhhi lost it. :) We had a great time with family though and I wish I had more pictures but my camera Died.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I feel like such a Loser when I post something with no pictures but I just feel so great today I thought I would blog it out.
The other day this cute girl came into the bakery like she does often. We got to talking and I found out she works at Cafe Rio!! We did a little trade and I ended up with free Rio Today yiippy.
Working at the Bakery is so great. It's really fun meeting a Mix of people and being able to get into their lives. There was this one guy Mid- late 30's I was with him through his divorce with 3 young boys. to dating. To missing his wife he realized he loved so mush. To re- proposing to his Wife which ended with a sweet ceremony at their house with his cute kids. I loved that ending! Their was a girl who used to come in with her boyfriend and get coffee. Gaged ears, Lots of piercing, crazy hair but SO nice. I watched her transform. She started to come in, get coffee and read the Book of Mormon, Then loosed a few piercings, changed the hair color, and before too long she seemed clean! She still comes in and I am always so happy to see her! Now I don't know if she got baptised, became active again, or just got happy and it had nothing to do with the church. But to see her now, I always feel really happy. like I got to be involved in that part of her life.. a little at least. Then Their are my ol couples. I love them so much!!! They usually come in after working at the Temple every Wed. night. They order the same thing and always try to talk me into getting HD TV. haha We talk about life a lot though and I'm happy to know them.
In short, I love my job because of the people! The people I work with and the people I get to meet.
I also got tan today :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sum of the 25th

Ben Turned 28 Thursday. Got up at 6 went to work. Planned fun things to do for Ben. Got a counter offer on the house we wanted. Nervous. Prayed about what to do. Backed into a car. Took it as a sign. Last minute shopping for my honey. Honey worked late. Opened presents. Got a smoothie and chines to take home. Watched a movie. Sang Happy Birthday. Ben blew out all his candles. Realized I only put 27 candles in the cake. Put another candle in the cake. Blew out candles again. Then realized the extra candle only made 27 again! Put another candle in the cake. Blew them out again!! Felt so lucky Ben was born and I Married him for all Time and Eternity. Hit the pillow. out.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One year Older........

I am now 24. Wow, what a difference! haha No, I don't really feel any different. I had a great Birthday!! Ben had to work and of course I got the day off... So cute thought, I woke up and Ben set up a Massage for me. So pretty much this is the first thing I did that day. I walk into a very calming atmosphere, got introduced to my male masseuse (which originally, I thought I had wanted) and was taken to the room. Once I was good and covered on the table he came back in and proceeded to start, the massage. It was one of the funniest, uncomfortable, experiences, ever!!!! It was quite cold in the room and Most of the time I had been thinking of that..... Until he started to rub me down. Then all I could hear was his breathing and feel his cold hands on my cold body. haha. (Luckily, my face was face down to start so he could not see my expression. I would have felt bad knowing he thought this was funny to me) After rubbing my feet which was nice, He made his way to my head. Scratching, Just trying to make me comfortable. Then he stops and lays his hand right atop my face. Skin to skin. Now haha I am not sure if this is normal but it's weird for me.( I was really doing everything at this point not to smile or laugh!) and Right after rubbing my FEET remember. Then he went back to scratching my head and again one last time put his hands on my face. He said then really very calm " OK, well I am done, so I know you are VERY comfortable right now, just lay there as long as you want and uh thank you for coming to see me. You really needed this." I was thinking oh, I'm OK to leave right now actually!! SO I think over all, this was a good start to my first day of being 24 because It was so funny and made me laugh . The rest of the day was just fun, Ben got home with flowers and took me out to eat. Birthday cake when we got home and then the next Sunday we had a family Party. It was all so great!!!

On another note......I just Finished the Book Of Mormon today! I Love that I can read everyday and understand better who I am, and get an eternal perspective. READ, read reAD!!!! It is the Best thing you can do for yourself. Truly.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Of MorMon STory...

At work I have been able to read the Book Of Mormon for hours at a time and let me just say....This is Amazing!!!!!!! It is a little embarrassing to say, but I could never really understand them before now. I would only read like 2 chapters at a time and just be lost. Who is Who? What is going on??? Well I get to read Full stories now and I am filled with understanding and a much great appreciation for what I had missed before. I am able to feel Heavenly Father spirit everyday and I am so much more grateful for my life, my loves, and my opportunities. Most of all I am able to ponder and be grateful for my Faith, My gospel.

How could I live my life without it? I Can't. And I love that I know this! I love that I know who I am and where I stand.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"The History Of LoVe"

I Just Finished a book called "The History of Love" by Nicole Krauss. It's a Fiction and really good. I read it at work where I have nothing to do from 10am to 3pm. My brother-in-law let me borrow it and It has three different stories and they all intertwine with each other. It was so much better then I had thought it would be and I really felt for the old man in the book. It was funny because I would be getting kind of emotional, starting to tear up, and then a customer would of course walk in and I had to then try to quickly wipe away my tears and act like I had just yawned or something. It was pretty funny, and tugged at my heart. I love books like this. As soon as I was done I tried to tell Ben all about it! I want him to read it so bad so we could talk about it, but the name of the book " History of Love" does not turn him on to it? Oh well..... I thought I would share it though. It is a really good book!