Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BabY TaLk

Thub Thub. Thub Thub. The best sound I have EVER heard. I am now 12 weeks with baby and today was the first day of REAL proof that our little guy is in there! All I could think of was I can't believe I have a baby in there!!!! I'm so lucky!!! I'm so happy! So I started to laugh and it turned into a crying /laughing mess.

Me being Pregnant is all I have wanted to talk about since I found out!! So I'll catch you up on what's been going on!

I found out I was pregnant 20 min. before Ben got home from work so I rushed around screaming with joy, drove to the store, got a baby balloon and in lipstick wrote on our bathroom mirror "This means we are gonna have a baby!" He came home and I coaxed him into "picking up dirty clothes" out of the bathroom. When He saw it, it was so great because we got to freak out together.

I eat and eat and eat.

I was a walking zombie for the first 10 weeks
(I'm ok though now)

Ben and I don't like the same names. That will be tricky haha

I learned that my forgetfulness was partially from being pregnant. That made me feel so much better about myself. "Were did I put my phone Ben?""Ben do you have my wallet?"" Ben do you know where I put my glasses?" " Benny did I eat dinner tonight or was that yesterday?" Thank goodness for my sweet Husband, he does not seem to mind.....much

I don't sleep like a normal person anymore. I get up like 3 or 4 times a night to eat or go to the restroom!!

Prenatal Vitamins Make me sick. So I just take them at night and sleep through the yuck feeling.

I think I want to have a Girl, but it's not official yet

I heard pregnant women turn into "crazy pregnant ladies". That has not happened to me yet.

I have random People (usually guys) telling me I should do the birth at home, go herbal, all that. That their wives did it and it's the best. Thanks but no thanks. I Like clean Hospitals and drugs.

Ben and I seem to be the only ones who notice my belly IS getting a little bigger. So fun.

I feel more close to Ben and more In love with him Than I EVER have! He is truly my Best Friend. My second Half. and I dream that our kids will look like him and smell like him.