Saturday, April 28, 2012


What a difference curtains can make! I finally (after Months of looking) found the perfect curtain pattern in this Navy Blue on I originally was looking for brown and white pattern which is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to I changed my mind, for the better I think. JoAnn's Fabric had pretty cute colors but the patterns were just...fine. I also checked out Home Fabrics and they had a TON of selection for cheep. But again just not what i was looking for. (However if you do get your fabric from them they can make your curtains for you for just $15 a panel.) I, and by I, I mean my Sister-in-Law sewed these bad boys up for me! I was there for like a quarter of the time pressing and cutting pieces. I was really there for the tiered laughing that usually happens when sewing for a long periods of time (that's the best part anyway right!?) I did However (with Help) put the grommets on!
I Picked these up from JoAnn's 

And this is an obvious reason for the type of  Grommet I decided to purchase :)

The outcome was just Wonderful!
A Tricky Part about these grommets in particular is that they snap together. Really great!  But when they snap it's literally one snap and that's it. So i would say for the first dozen grommets I did, I kept pushing waiting to hear at least two snaps so i knew it was secure. haha well it never happened and i did, get used to it. Anyway.... This is the great outcome of my "Do it yourself" curtains. 


Yay!!! And I hope I never have to do this again. haha (and by I, I mean make my family members do this for me again)

Friday, April 27, 2012


Sometimes as an Adult we forget how magical the world really is. Luckily I have a sweetheart Gaby who helps me see it! 
Gabe was playing away in a water bucket out in our back yard when he noticed this piece of plastic dancing in the wind. He was intently mesmerized! Simple thing to me at first. A dirty piece of plastic some construction worker didn't throw away and now is flying litter in my back yard. Gabe however Saw for the first time the wind carrying something. He saw gravity in action as it fell. No one was there moving it around.  It was like Magic to him and to me it was the sweetest thing i had ever seen. I saw him look at gross trash and see Magic. I love Being a Mom to this little guy. He is The Best thing in the whole World

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Warm Day

 Warm sunny Days + water + Gaby = Best day Ever! 
 He was too cute to handle as I sat on our front Porch watching this little Boy of mine swish and splash in the cool water. I Love to watch him enjoy being a baby. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival is here and My Little Gabe LOVES flowers! Or as he would say in a whisper..."flaow". soooooooo adorable!  
The Festival is so Beautiful and it being Gaby's First Year, We HAD to take him. My Mom just happened to be in town too so it made the family event even better.