Friday, December 9, 2011

Second day of Christmas memories

Many years ago I told my mom I would like a Whitney Housten CD. This was before crazy "crack is wack" Whitney. when she was. Amazing.
So, Christmas arrived and I got the sound tract to 'The Preachers Wife'. Starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Housten. The story of an Angel coming down to help a Preacher and his wife save their church AND their marriage but, while doing so fall's for the Preachers WIFE!
Well I was young and kept the CD. I was singing gospel soul all over the place haha

Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the 1st day of Christmas memories

I was 17. Christmas morning. I walked to the living room, saw the round and very snuggable chair I had wanted! I ran and jumped into it and as I did, the chair AND I toppled over into the fire place. I hit my head and everyone laughed at me.

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's exhausting!

As an Adult, Sitting is one of the easiest things I can think of doing. But for some of us, sitting is one of the hardest things!

5 Months 11 days old

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quilting is not for Sissy's

What is Quilt retreat?

I was married into this, not born.
Cousins off the Spencer branch (my Mom-in-law's Family) wait and wait till they are 18. This is when their lives will never be the same again. This is when they can come to quilt retreat. It's a no sleep, laugh at nothing, chocolate coma, sew till you cry and then sew some more, Diet coke, quilting training camp!
Everyone here LOVES the family craft and is Amazing at it!!!
....I'm getting use to it.

The Family

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whach you talkin

From the moment i met Ben,everything just clicked. Our relationship has been full of loves hugs and lots of snugs. We see eye to eye on the important things in life and try and find a middle ground on things we don't BUT.....there is 1 thing we will NEVER agree on.
It all started at Denny's restaurant. We use to go there after dances, eat breakfast and talk for HOURS about who knows what. We were way to sleepy to probably remember. I don't know if I said it first or he did but this one word has been the cause if THE longest lasting argument of our relationship!
He says WHY do you say it that way?! I say WHY do YOU say it the way you say it!
HE pronounces warm like arm...wArm. I pronounce warm. Like born.....warm. Like an "o" instead of like a capital "A"
To THIS day, 7 years later if we get on the topic we will each spend 15 minutes ( lets get real, 15 seconds) trying to teach the other one how to say it correctly and at the end of it wanting to strangle each other ( slightly exaggerated)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It was just, Nice.

This one time, when Ben and I were first dating, we were driving around pretty parts of San Diego and I was telling Ben how I had been craving a chocolate pie blah blah our conversation was about pies and how good they are! He ended up surprising me and took me to Marie calendars for some yumm pie. I joyfully ordered a slice and then when the waitress asked what he wanted he said "I'm good". I knew he wanted pie? "wait why aren't you getting pie?" He just said "well I knew you wanted some pie but I can't have any because I'm fasting". First i loved that he was so sweet to take me there and second i thought it was so sweet he was fasting during the week. I don't remember how it all happened but I still ate the chocolate pie in front of him!?
( he must of made me do it because that just sounds so mean).
I fell in love a little bit that night.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Starts with a T

A little over 2 years ago some of my friendly coworkers told me to read this Amaaazing book. I was like guys.. I don't read books! For example, Ann of Green Gables. I read the book, took me like a week. I watched the movie took like 3 1/2 hours and is was EXACTLY like the book. Anyway, they just kept talking about how great it was and on an on... Okay guys, what is this book about? Well, Vampires and werwolf's and ( it sounded ridiculous!) They had the book, I took it home, and that's how I read TWILIGHT.

I'm not a twilight freak.....but I am a fan. I read the books, all of them, in a timely manner. I was sucked in by the crazy love triangle, great writing and my imAAAginAAAtiOOOOn! and pretty quickly i was one of those weird girls, gushing about it.

So when the movie was coming out, all of us girls at work decided to go opening night and wait in line. Me and one other girl Sariah decided to take the first shift waiting in ( the freezing outside) line. We were like strangers but by the end of our shift, best friends. We watched the horribly made movie and laughed our heads off! That's one case where I didn't regret reading the books instead of just watching the movies.

The next movie is out on the 18th and I can't wait. I watch them (certainly not because they are great) but because I have so much fun with the people I'm with. I loved the books AND the movies, but for very different reasons.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bet you didn't think of that!

Whenever I go on Vacation with Ben I usually... get the giggles, relax and have
DEEP Conversations about things I normally don't think about.
Here is a sample of some of that:

*Ben is the only one for me

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The iPad gift

"Should we sell it and just buy a regular computer?" -Ben
"NO, it's cool. We should keep it."
"I know, that's why I think we should sell it. It's so unlike us."

Friday, September 30, 2011

That's the Ticket

SO Ben and I started to look for homes AGAIN. Over the many years we have been married we have had it in our minds to buy a great house. We look and look and well we find houses like this one.....
Ok... this one is pretty great.
I hope Santa comes with the house!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Miss you

I Really love my Gabes ridiculously much but
i MISS....

Chocolate and Ice cream and late Girls Night Outs
Normal emotions and singing real loud
Snugging With Ben and fitting into my jeans
These were a few of my favorite things...

Lounging and Tanning and eating Cheese Pizza
jogging mid day, teasing people at work
Not feeling pressure to have dinner made.....

These were a few of my favorite things

Friday, August 12, 2011

What a BIG week

Gabes started to Smile at me on purpose! He wants to talk and laugh REALLY bad....I can tell
He Prays now

Gabes is not too fond of going out and about but we made it to uncle Jake's Graduation!

Blessing day!
Also first day at church. He LOVED staring at the big bright popcorn ceiling. He was saying
" I LOVE THIS PLACE" with is little eyes.

Ben and I were really happy for our Baby guy.

Grandma and Gramps got to come over to give Gabes lots of loves

Yay for Family

Cousins came to town for his Special Blessing! What a cute group of kiddos!
Is There any Question as to whether Gabes will be a Football fan?
With a Daddy like his... I think not.

First nap in his crib!

What a little baby I have! He has been so busy this week, even moving into size 1 diapers!!!!(I'll spare you that photo) I just love him soooooo gal darn much.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Special Delivery

I went into my 38 week check up on a Thursday knowing my tummy had not grown since the last time I was at the Doctors. He told me there was no need to worry but would set up an ultra sound for the following Monday and if anything was wrong I could be induced but he made it sound VERY unlikely. So Monday came and I was still nervous but now just excited to see some more pictures of my little Boy! As the ultrasound tech was checking me she was like " Well it looks like you will have this baby really soon!" Ok.. What? Why? I start to get really worried. She said my fluid was really low. I was at a 7 and that normally I needed to be at like a 24. Something crazy like that. Well now my next doctors appointment was on Tuesday and he was not on call or anything that day. I was asking his nurses if there was anyway I could talk with him that day, I was just not ok with his fluid amount. They just said he would call me if he thought it was a big problem. blah blah. I left the office with Ben so worried and emotional! But not 5 min. passed when one of the nurses called me and said " Um.. we all think you should just go to labor and Delivery right now ok." What a shock! Ben and I were so not ready for this that day but were excited. We went with no bags packed, Ben cancelled all of his meetings for the next couple of days and just went to have our Baby!

Since I had an epidural and thankfully could not feel the lower half of my body I was concerned about how hard I could push? I didn't know how and I told the nurse my concerns. She just said Just push and it will work. Later Ben told me I was pushing so hard he thought the baby was going to shoot across the room. That was funny.

I had the on call Doctor deliver Gabriel. I just loved him so much! Everyone called him old school because he was... old. But I was so thankful for all that old man knowledge. He made all the scary pre-delivery problems seem super smooth and I was just so happy he was old and had done this forever.

Gabe was Born Tuesday at 2:59am July 21st weighing at 5lbs, 17.5 in. long to a literally deliriously happy Mom and Dad. We were in the Hospital 4 days, 2 of those days being in the NICU and got about 15 hours of sleep that week. To tell you the truth the experience seems like a dream.

Gabes is the Most sweet baby. He is full of wonderful expressions that make us laugh and has such a wonderful calm spirit. When he looks at you he is very thoughtful and you can tell he is studying your face and really wants to know you. He looks just like his Daddy and loves his hands! They have to be next to his face all the time. If he is bundled up in a blanket he will wiggle and wiggle until he can get an arm out and he is a MAJOR grunter. He is just so ridiculously cute and we love him so much.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lets talk

I would first like to talk about EXTREME COUPONING. This show, although I have never seen a full episode on TLC is Crazy! It makes me think... YEs, I wanna do that! And then you really watch and you see how crazy the people are! Some of them shop in the store for HOURS before hand then go home, clip coupons for the sale items for DAYS. But when all is said and done they get like $1000 worth of groceries for like $20! It's gross to watch and amazing all at the same time.

On another note..... I love the Old people that work at the Temple. They are all soooooo sweet and someday I hope to be just as sweet and spiritual as they seem to be. What an amazing calling it would be. You could witness so many spiritual things and be so close to our Heavenly Father. I am thankful for callings that make you more active in the church. Even if they seem hard or whatever the reward of having to study and pray more often, serve others more is exactly what we need. How lucky we are for our callings.

One more thing.... I cannot believe I am at 29 weeks Pregnant already! So crazy to think I will have my baby boy for real with me in less then 3 months.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Loves that I love, loves that I've lost

My Ben of course is the Best person ever! Now that I'm getting crazy and emotional about everything he is always there with loving support and lots of hugs. I love this Man!

I love that my belly is getting bigger and that you can tell there is a little being in there now! He is so lively and Loves to kick me ALL .NIGHT. LONG.
This is a quilt I will be making for our little guy. I love the fabric that took eternity to pick out.
This is the Dinner I made that normally I would LOVE to eat and have seconds and leftovers. Now that I am pregnant though the love that I had for it has died. Goodbye to all peppers, and tomato's I hope we will find love again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cake, Cake, Cake!

Last week we had Valentines day, Find out what our baby is Day and My Birthday! It was full of laughs, love and Lots of Cake!!!!

MONDAY: Sleepy Valentines night
TUESDAY: This is the worst cake I have ever made. (just finished decorating and it has not been touched yet). Lets just say everything about it EXCEPT the taste is wrong. Made it for when we told Ben's parents we were having a boy
THURSDAY: Birthday night out with my Ben


and More cake!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Day Ever?

Ben and I have been waiting for this day for Forever it seemed like! We were so full of happiness and so excited just to get to see our baby for the first time. Waiting in the waiting room seemed to take forever but, they did finally call my name and then, pure bliss.........



Monday, February 7, 2011

Boy or Girl

I am really loving being pregnant and getting to know my little Baby! I know it can't hear me but I talk to it all the time. Mostly telling it to move more and how excited I am to meet it.

Ever since I saw the doctor at my 16 week appointment I have been counting down the days and bugging people I'm sure saying "4 more weeks till if find out what my baby is!" " 3 more weeks till I find out what my baby is" and so on.. Well now it's only ONE more week till I find out what my baby is and I am so excited!!

In the beginning I thought for sure it was a boy. Then at 12 weeks I thought it was a girl. And because of last nights dream, I think it's a boy. haha I'll just have to wait and see! Oh my, what if baby is shy during ultrasound time? I might explode.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Can you just zip?

It is weird when you try to put on your pants and this happens......
I am so pregnant right now.