Friday, March 26, 2010

Sum of the 25th

Ben Turned 28 Thursday. Got up at 6 went to work. Planned fun things to do for Ben. Got a counter offer on the house we wanted. Nervous. Prayed about what to do. Backed into a car. Took it as a sign. Last minute shopping for my honey. Honey worked late. Opened presents. Got a smoothie and chines to take home. Watched a movie. Sang Happy Birthday. Ben blew out all his candles. Realized I only put 27 candles in the cake. Put another candle in the cake. Blew out candles again. Then realized the extra candle only made 27 again! Put another candle in the cake. Blew them out again!! Felt so lucky Ben was born and I Married him for all Time and Eternity. Hit the pillow. out.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One year Older........

I am now 24. Wow, what a difference! haha No, I don't really feel any different. I had a great Birthday!! Ben had to work and of course I got the day off... So cute thought, I woke up and Ben set up a Massage for me. So pretty much this is the first thing I did that day. I walk into a very calming atmosphere, got introduced to my male masseuse (which originally, I thought I had wanted) and was taken to the room. Once I was good and covered on the table he came back in and proceeded to start, the massage. It was one of the funniest, uncomfortable, experiences, ever!!!! It was quite cold in the room and Most of the time I had been thinking of that..... Until he started to rub me down. Then all I could hear was his breathing and feel his cold hands on my cold body. haha. (Luckily, my face was face down to start so he could not see my expression. I would have felt bad knowing he thought this was funny to me) After rubbing my feet which was nice, He made his way to my head. Scratching, Just trying to make me comfortable. Then he stops and lays his hand right atop my face. Skin to skin. Now haha I am not sure if this is normal but it's weird for me.( I was really doing everything at this point not to smile or laugh!) and Right after rubbing my FEET remember. Then he went back to scratching my head and again one last time put his hands on my face. He said then really very calm " OK, well I am done, so I know you are VERY comfortable right now, just lay there as long as you want and uh thank you for coming to see me. You really needed this." I was thinking oh, I'm OK to leave right now actually!! SO I think over all, this was a good start to my first day of being 24 because It was so funny and made me laugh . The rest of the day was just fun, Ben got home with flowers and took me out to eat. Birthday cake when we got home and then the next Sunday we had a family Party. It was all so great!!!

On another note......I just Finished the Book Of Mormon today! I Love that I can read everyday and understand better who I am, and get an eternal perspective. READ, read reAD!!!! It is the Best thing you can do for yourself. Truly.