Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Special Delivery

I went into my 38 week check up on a Thursday knowing my tummy had not grown since the last time I was at the Doctors. He told me there was no need to worry but would set up an ultra sound for the following Monday and if anything was wrong I could be induced but he made it sound VERY unlikely. So Monday came and I was still nervous but now just excited to see some more pictures of my little Boy! As the ultrasound tech was checking me she was like " Well it looks like you will have this baby really soon!" Ok.. What? Why? I start to get really worried. She said my fluid was really low. I was at a 7 and that normally I needed to be at like a 24. Something crazy like that. Well now my next doctors appointment was on Tuesday and he was not on call or anything that day. I was asking his nurses if there was anyway I could talk with him that day, I was just not ok with his fluid amount. They just said he would call me if he thought it was a big problem. blah blah. I left the office with Ben so worried and emotional! But not 5 min. passed when one of the nurses called me and said " Um.. we all think you should just go to labor and Delivery right now ok." What a shock! Ben and I were so not ready for this that day but were excited. We went with no bags packed, Ben cancelled all of his meetings for the next couple of days and just went to have our Baby!

Since I had an epidural and thankfully could not feel the lower half of my body I was concerned about how hard I could push? I didn't know how and I told the nurse my concerns. She just said Just push and it will work. Later Ben told me I was pushing so hard he thought the baby was going to shoot across the room. That was funny.

I had the on call Doctor deliver Gabriel. I just loved him so much! Everyone called him old school because he was... old. But I was so thankful for all that old man knowledge. He made all the scary pre-delivery problems seem super smooth and I was just so happy he was old and had done this forever.

Gabe was Born Tuesday at 2:59am July 21st weighing at 5lbs, 17.5 in. long to a literally deliriously happy Mom and Dad. We were in the Hospital 4 days, 2 of those days being in the NICU and got about 15 hours of sleep that week. To tell you the truth the experience seems like a dream.

Gabes is the Most sweet baby. He is full of wonderful expressions that make us laugh and has such a wonderful calm spirit. When he looks at you he is very thoughtful and you can tell he is studying your face and really wants to know you. He looks just like his Daddy and loves his hands! They have to be next to his face all the time. If he is bundled up in a blanket he will wiggle and wiggle until he can get an arm out and he is a MAJOR grunter. He is just so ridiculously cute and we love him so much.