Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas time!!

Ben and I had such a Wonderful Christmas this year. It started on Wed. When Sarah, Tim, Isaac and Landon came into town. That night we were all together making Graham cracker houses. It was so much fun! Ben made of course a BYU one, I made a Fairy house, My sister in law made a Crack house complete with Cinnamon bear wearing a wife beater. haha. Every ones were so cute and we had a good time eating all the Candy that came with perfecting them.

On Thursday We acted out the Christmas Story. Talia, me and Sarah were angels. Erin, Seth and Emmy were Mary, Joseph and baby- as Sarah would say- Baby Jebus. Tim Was a shepherd with his boys Landon and Isaac as sheep. Ben, Jesse and Schuyler were Wise men. We had such a great time and we were all filled with the Sprit of Christ.

Christmas day was full of presents, games, snacks and naps. I have to say Band hero was one of the funniest times of the day. Sarah trying to sing Janet Jackson song Black Cat, I think? haha oh, so funny we could not get the rhythm of the song. It being like 2 in the morning I think also made if a little funnier. loved every second.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas


I wish I could see you at Christmas! But, not being there made me think of all my Brothers, Sisters, Mom and Dad and how much you all mean to me! I jotted down a few things that stuck out in my mind about all of you. Miss you all and Hope you enjoy it!

Mom you have so many good talents like hula whooping all over the place,
I always remember not to tickle you or you’ll punch me in the face.

Dad you have an act for kindness, I have always admired you for that.
I like how you wear tight pants, cowboy boots and a cement mixer hat.

Shelly you have always been able to sing like a bird.
I like that you make books, are funny and so absurd.

Holly you are witty and the smartest one of all,
I love your pies, your eyes, and that your nose is so small.

Heidi is just so lovable any one could tell you that,
I used to pee on you when I was little, and you were as cool as a cat.

Tim you’re so funny, like walks, and to keep the house clean.
You grow a beard for the winter but keep it through spring; you’re so lovable but that beard makes you look so mean.

Ron you like church, want babies, work somewhere and never give anything away for free.
“Sorry Tom”, and “I don’t know?” Are between you and me.

Jake you are so hilarious you always have been.
Would you rather eat steak or poke your eyes out with a pen?

Nathan is the baby and always will be
I’ll know him in Heaven where he is waiting for me.

Merry Christmas!!!
Love you all, Katie

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quilt Retreat

Well, we are all back from our Rushed Quilt Retreat! We had a great time full with delirious laughter, lots of licorice and frustration screams from sewing our quilt without the thread in it and having to re-sew it all!!! For all who don't know My mother-in-law wrote a book about quilting, (really cute) and so we needed to have our annual quilt retreat early for a photo shoot. We still got some work done and I left with a new Katie quilt. Talia and I made a cooking show before the retreat (non edited yet) hopefully I can get a clip done soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Season

The Trip to New Mexico (wearing New Moon crowns!!)

Thanksgiving Dinner

Nephew Landon
Me, Erin, Talia. Talia and I match and together we make Erin

The "Mayan Ruins"

Schuyler, Talia, me, Isaac and Landon
Our House decorated!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

My First Quilt!!

Yippy!!! I made my very first quilt for My brother Ron's wedding present. I love it!!! Yes, I do look a bit sleepy/ready to fall over/just awful, but, it's only because I finished the night before I flew out to Oregon( it was late). Try to just look at the quilt, I'm kinda hooked now though. !! Liked it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Just got back from Oregon today. Ron and Liz's wedding was so wonderful!!!!! I was able to stay one full week to help with the wedding, meet Liz, hang out with my fabulous family and get to know my hilarious niece's and nephews again. I have no pictures yet, but they are coming. Oregon was beautiful and gray, a bit rainy, tons of big full green trees and lots of hippies. Just the way we like it! :) This was the first time I had been to the Portland Temple as an adult and I was able to do Endowments and see the Sealing of by brother. It was so, so beautiful and the spirit I felt inside was amazing.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


What a fun night! We had a little Halloween bash at Ben's Mom and Dad's house. We made cupcakes, lumberjack fingers, dirt pudding, trick or treated with Jo Jo and watched as many non-rated R scary movies as we could.