Monday, April 15, 2013


Summers Ugly luke warm cousin, Spring.

The only great thing about spring is that summer is right after it, and i LOVE the feel of summer coming on! I get really happy thinking about all the stuff we can do. I Start working out, I get motivated and think of WAY too many house projects to do.. I get SO excited!
On the love list this year: Back yard fun! including:
dug out trampoline,
maybe a hammock?
I think Ben is gonna love this idea and maybe Hate the price. No, hate. the price. haha

The last couple days have been full of April showers and a little snow here and there so Gabe and I have been thinking of ways to entertain ourselves inside the house. Yesterday was a particularly brave day for me. I let Gabe practice taking my earrings in and out of my ears. It was a terrifying experience but Gabe loved that it scared me and we laughed a lot. (He also got really good at it!). We play a lot of Hide and seek, his favorite place to hide is behind his bedroom curtains. He always hides there! and now he makes me feel good about my lame hiding spots by saying "Is Mom here? No..... Is Mom here? No......." Even tho he can see me. What a sugar i have.                                      

Friday, April 12, 2013

A first Haircut!

Gabe finally got his first haircut at 22 Months old! I was asking around for good placed to get his hair cut and couldn't make up my mind. The little guys hair was getting pretty long and frizzled. On the day before Easter i was getting Gabe out of the bath and Ready for bed. I combed his hair and told Ben, I'm just gonna do it! Is that ok? ...waiting for his approval and support. I was scared i would wreck him! Ben Luckily knew this fact and said "Ill do it". THANK GOODNESS ! Ben is so good at cutting his own hair i don't know why i didn't think of him cutting it in the first place.
We stood in the bathroom, I held Gabe and Ben went to cut. I let him play with my bracelets to play with something and calm him down. Gabe watched in the mirror with a bewildered face. As Ben picked up the scissors to cut the first bit Gabe yells "No! Don't do it!! Don't do it!!"It was so funny and cute! We still cut it and did decide to let him watch Dora on the I Pad So he could focus on something other that what must have looked like knifes coming at his head! I was nervous about getting the leftover hair Ben cut, so he had to move carefully around us as to not disturb his baby hair on the floor. Gabe looked like a BIG BOY to me after it was all done! I could not believe it! We put him to sleep right after the haircut so i was so excited to go get him in the mourning to see his grown up super cute self for Easter Morning. I love my guy SO much!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A long tiiiime

seeeeoooo much has happened since i last blogged... Ill fast forward to Now.

October: Benj and I both did the color Run. Although I ran it with friends huffing and puffing and ben cruised it solo.  Ben worked his butt off and did the Tough Mudder Too. It was awesome and I was so proud of his hard work! Gabe was a freakindorable Trick or Treating! He went to all the doors and said "tick o' teet!" Everyone loved him. He was Elmo, but dressed up as a skeleton Most of the night. I also got an over the top amount of Candy and stupidly made a cute sign that told all the kids to just take one candy (I was thinking we would have a HUGE amount of Kids coming). we had a ANNND Ben and I were Marty McFly and his girlfriend for Our couples Halloween Party.

TON of candy left. Suckers....Just kidding. I felt really bad all the kids didn't get more!!

November:Thanksgiving was spent here in Utah with Ben's Family instead of Oregon with My Hensley Family. I missed them bunches but i was happy not to be driving in bad weather with the Gabes. Ben got to play football with his brothers and Gabey and i watched with pleasure!....we Played in the leaves a lot, and looked at the nearby horses. And I was chasing Gabes a lot as he was trying to be in the football Game too. The Kid LOVES sports! So Cute! I think Ben would like me to mention how well he did. He did Very Well!

December: We had a Family Party, A couples Neighborhood Party and a Great Christmas! Santa brought Gabey an awesome slide that Ben and i Wish we could use....and there was a teddy bear sitting at the top of the slide. When Gabe came running in the room he was Thrilled to see his "Teddy Ber!!" He just wanted to love on him! I was So sweet!

January: We played a lot in the snow. the first snow hill we went on was REALLY Big. Too Big really. I went down with Gabe first and it was, not gonna lie a bit scary! i screamed a bit which made Gabey cry and super freaked! Poor guy! it was super sad and funny. We did smaller hills after that and he really enjoyed them

February: My Birthday was Super great! My girlfriends took me out to dinner and then we went Dance bowling after. (we decided to do some activity on our Birthdays instead of simple dinner and movie). Ben surprised me on my Birthday and told me he didn't have to work, FUN! He took me to a family fun center type and it was a total mess. really funny, Lots and TONs of youngers finding love on their Presidents day off of school. It was great, he felt bad but shouldn't have. I love him. He took me out to dinner and we saw Save Haven after. I really tried not to cry during the cheese fest and got a headache because of it. haha oh and yes, i cried...and saw it a second time. Whatever i listened to the book!

March: Bens Birthday! Speaking for Ben, i would have to say it was the Best day of his life...? haha I wooed the crap out of Him. the End. We Started this new tradition this year with his Family. instead of getting Presents from everyone (there's just too many of us now) everyone says something they love about that person. Its REALLY so sweet! Everyone said the MOST amazing things about my Ben and i think it made his Birthday really special. Since they started doing this After my Birthday, i got a turn too. Its wonderful to tell someone how you feel about them and how they feel about you too. Luckily its only good things... haha My friends and i went classic skating for one of their Birthdays too. I was pushed into the middle of a dance of and freaked the kids out with my amazing roller moves....pppffff

And a NOW......First, Sorry future Me, this is really long...

Gabe is too adorable to handle and he is growing and getting SO FAST!! My little guy is on the move in a major keep-your-eyes-on-him-or-you'll-lose-him way. Yesterday at the grocery store for example. I usually never let him ride in the cart cars but i was feeling unusually trusting that day haha. He couldn't decide between the red car or the green car and so i finally just helped him into the green one and he was distraught about not being able to take a half hour deciding between the two... he was fine 6 seconds later and was really good about staying in the cart car! I was thinking "oh i have the cutest best little boy ever...La la Perfect day.." come checkout time as i was about to pay i look at Gabe, no longer in the car but walking toward the exit! He looked at me and then BAM took off running! I also took off running after him and as he raced around the corner. (im freaked he's gonna get hit by a car!) two workers were at the store corner as he raced passed and they yelled at me as i was running toward them, "is he yours!!??" and took of after him too! Luckily he stopped before the street and ended up just trying  to get into the dang red cart car!!

When we take walks..I should say when we go running I have to watch him every second! The one second it takes me to look at a neighbor to say hi, He will disappear! vanish! when this happened just the other day my neighbors told me he ran into a garage that was open. I was looking around the garage and couldn't find him! calling his name etc.. the i see him, facing the wall, head down, shoulders in. I say Gabe! What are you doing buddy!!?? he says crying cause he got caught "Im hiding!" haha this little boy is just so active and sneaky!! I love him so much! Love that he keeps me on my toes.