Friday, August 12, 2011

What a BIG week

Gabes started to Smile at me on purpose! He wants to talk and laugh REALLY bad....I can tell
He Prays now

Gabes is not too fond of going out and about but we made it to uncle Jake's Graduation!

Blessing day!
Also first day at church. He LOVED staring at the big bright popcorn ceiling. He was saying
" I LOVE THIS PLACE" with is little eyes.

Ben and I were really happy for our Baby guy.

Grandma and Gramps got to come over to give Gabes lots of loves

Yay for Family

Cousins came to town for his Special Blessing! What a cute group of kiddos!
Is There any Question as to whether Gabes will be a Football fan?
With a Daddy like his... I think not.

First nap in his crib!

What a little baby I have! He has been so busy this week, even moving into size 1 diapers!!!!(I'll spare you that photo) I just love him soooooo gal darn much.