Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Of MorMon STory...

At work I have been able to read the Book Of Mormon for hours at a time and let me just say....This is Amazing!!!!!!! It is a little embarrassing to say, but I could never really understand them before now. I would only read like 2 chapters at a time and just be lost. Who is Who? What is going on??? Well I get to read Full stories now and I am filled with understanding and a much great appreciation for what I had missed before. I am able to feel Heavenly Father spirit everyday and I am so much more grateful for my life, my loves, and my opportunities. Most of all I am able to ponder and be grateful for my Faith, My gospel.

How could I live my life without it? I Can't. And I love that I know this! I love that I know who I am and where I stand.