Friday, April 12, 2013

A first Haircut!

Gabe finally got his first haircut at 22 Months old! I was asking around for good placed to get his hair cut and couldn't make up my mind. The little guys hair was getting pretty long and frizzled. On the day before Easter i was getting Gabe out of the bath and Ready for bed. I combed his hair and told Ben, I'm just gonna do it! Is that ok? ...waiting for his approval and support. I was scared i would wreck him! Ben Luckily knew this fact and said "Ill do it". THANK GOODNESS ! Ben is so good at cutting his own hair i don't know why i didn't think of him cutting it in the first place.
We stood in the bathroom, I held Gabe and Ben went to cut. I let him play with my bracelets to play with something and calm him down. Gabe watched in the mirror with a bewildered face. As Ben picked up the scissors to cut the first bit Gabe yells "No! Don't do it!! Don't do it!!"It was so funny and cute! We still cut it and did decide to let him watch Dora on the I Pad So he could focus on something other that what must have looked like knifes coming at his head! I was nervous about getting the leftover hair Ben cut, so he had to move carefully around us as to not disturb his baby hair on the floor. Gabe looked like a BIG BOY to me after it was all done! I could not believe it! We put him to sleep right after the haircut so i was so excited to go get him in the mourning to see his grown up super cute self for Easter Morning. I love my guy SO much!!

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