Monday, April 15, 2013


Summers Ugly luke warm cousin, Spring.

The only great thing about spring is that summer is right after it, and i LOVE the feel of summer coming on! I get really happy thinking about all the stuff we can do. I Start working out, I get motivated and think of WAY too many house projects to do.. I get SO excited!
On the love list this year: Back yard fun! including:
dug out trampoline,
maybe a hammock?
I think Ben is gonna love this idea and maybe Hate the price. No, hate. the price. haha

The last couple days have been full of April showers and a little snow here and there so Gabe and I have been thinking of ways to entertain ourselves inside the house. Yesterday was a particularly brave day for me. I let Gabe practice taking my earrings in and out of my ears. It was a terrifying experience but Gabe loved that it scared me and we laughed a lot. (He also got really good at it!). We play a lot of Hide and seek, his favorite place to hide is behind his bedroom curtains. He always hides there! and now he makes me feel good about my lame hiding spots by saying "Is Mom here? No..... Is Mom here? No......." Even tho he can see me. What a sugar i have.                                      

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